All Saints Church

Iglesia de Todos Los Santos

All Saints Church, a progressive expression of the Body of Christ, that goes deep, explores the edge, and together goes beyond our walls to insist on justice in the name of Jesus Christ.




Who are we?


ornament1All Saints Church Welcomes You.  As a visible sign of God’s presence in the world, All Saints Church is a welcoming, diverse, and urban Christian community, actively proclaiming and living the Gospel.


ornament1 Community is where we find and create connections with others in a variety of ways. Gathering together in love strengthens our relationship with God and each other.


ornament1We are a congregation that reflects and embraces people from every family, language, race, and nation. We honor the dignity of each person, respect the plurality of experience and opinion in the community, and intentionally learn and grow from our differences.


ornament1 Growth happens when we invite others into our community. Spiritual growth occurs as we discover and share our personal experience of God.

In the Heart of Downtown Worcester